Government Contractor

        Third telecast pvt ltd. is trusted contractor with Indian government. Third telecast working together with Indian government since 2012. 

        Third telecast completed successfully projects in various fields like Election webcasting Contract, Photos/videos and finger print contract, men power supply contract, technical equipment supply contract and etc., We have done worked under Election Department, Police Department, Information Department, Tourism Department, Educational Department etc., we are also working from last five years in various government bodies. We are also worked with Different Indian Political Parties. we have also workorders copies of related government works.

Live Telecast 

         Third telecast have best platform for do live telecast of different events. Third telecast having latest hardwares and software with latest technology for do live telecast. We are Provide Satelite Van, DSNG on rental basis. We are also doing live Telecast on National channel and territorial channel at any time or any where. we have also done live Telecast  from 400 Different Election locations at one time. 

Good Experience us Facebook, Youtube, Twitter Pages Live Teleasting.

          We have done live stream for Government events, cultural events, political events, Election booth and more. We have particular websites of live stream for viewers. User can also view events including different devices like. Mobile, Laptop, Tablet and supportable devices. 

Video Production 

     Third Telecast having good Professional knowledge video production team. third telecast have done projects like Movies, Documentries, Episodes, Crime shows, Live Talk Shows, Episodes, Recipe shows, webseries, 2D/3D Film, Animation Film and much more. and we have also done Video advertise for National or Territorial Channel. we have also done multi camera events. we have also fully HD video editing equipments with editing softwares. We have good Deeply Experience on Products Photography and Videography for Ecommerce platform. 

        We have done work together with Doordarshan Tv,  Aastha Tv, Zee Jagaran Channel, Sandesh Tv, Hind Tv, Maya Tv. Third telecast also getting best awards in many videos of episodes and shows. 

Corporate Events 

    Third Telecast Pvt Ltd. is leading partner in corporate sector. Third Telecast connect your stackholders during Corporate events. Third Telecast provide video conference facility for corporate conference such as Prive or internam gettogether, Stackholders meetings, Company presentations, Anuual Meeting, Function Celebrations, new Product Launch and much more

         We are also provide point to point (PTP) and Point to Multi Point (PTMP) connections. We are doing live telecast from multi location. Employees, Customers, Stackholder can watch on devices including Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles. Smart Tvs.

Tv Channel Consultancy 

         Third Telecast is 15 years young company and started its business operation with Develop channel as its core competency under the able leadership of Mr.K.G.Savaliya (Chairman & Managing Director). Third Telecast is the catalyst that helps channels grow and put their mark on the media. The complexities of the channel media are our's greatest challenges and to meet them.

      We are provide best services like. Studio development, Camera work development and Editing, Etc. we are doing Live webcasting for channels and also working on news gathering and episodes productions. We have biggest Entertainment channel in South Gujarat, India.

Fiber Optical Links 

      Third Telecast is leading fiber optical service provider. The strongest benefit of fiber is that it can offer much faster speeds over much longer distances than traditional copper-based technologies like DSL and cable. 

     We are providing optical fiber facility for transfer Audio, Video and data over long distances. we have done successfully projects of Live Human body surgery in operation theater of hospital to conventional center. Hospitals like Apex Hospital, Bodyline Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Sterling Hospital, Milestone Hospital.

     We are also provide Fiber optic network solutions for big events in different cities of India..

Add Agency 

       Third Telecast Pvt Ltd. is outstanding Agency in Advertise sector. We are making best advertise of any products in form of Audio, Video and Graphics, 3D forms And also Publish the add in National or Local Tv channel of india , Radio channel. We are also working with Celebrities and models for making popular advertise.

           Third Telecast is proud to associate with the leading India's top corporates. We endeavour to be an asset to our clients and achieve our eventual aim of making them independent of us, wherein they can successfully initiate and implement the Third Telecast recommended integrated marketing strategies themselves.

Home Tv Box 

          we have best media player and it's use for converting normal Tv to Smart Tv. Users can also view National or International tv channel. And also watch video on demand (VOD) content any time without any cost. users can also record favourite episodes without any single pay. You can also attach external devices like Flash drive, pendrive, harddisk to this TV box.

Users are also use android application from this media player box. Our Home Tv box play without cable or dish. Enjoy a constantly updated and free collection of movies with superior image quality in Full HD.It allows you to connect the set top box with the WLAN network.

Wedding Gallery 

        Third Telecast have best Digital Platform For Wedding data. We have high speed and secure server for wedding Photos, Videos and songs storage. Users can also view this data on Laptop, PC, Mobile. And also operate this data making by account. 

         We have made web platform and mobile application. it is highly secure and users also share this photos and videos with family members, Relatives, Friend Circle and many people through this digital platforms. You can also store your important documents in this application and access at any time.